Welcome to the Jim Visser Music Ministry website!

Jim has been on the Gospel Music scene for about ten years now. He has sung with the Hallmark Qquartet of Ironton, Ohio, and also had his own quartet (Faithful Journey Quartet) for eight years prior to embarking on his current solo ministry.

Jim has completed two recordings with Harvest Studio from West Virginia and both have been produced by John Darin Rowsey. He has also studied with the Steve Hurst School of Music several times. Vocal training has been received from some of the finest singers in the industry such as John Darin Rowsey of the Guardians Quartet, Gary Casto of the Tribute Quartet, Pat Barker of the Trammell Quartet & Guardians Quartet, as well as Mark Trammell of the Mark Trammell Quartet.

As a boy living in Western Michigan, Jim grew up listening to local gospel singers, but was inspired by the great Cathedral Quartet in the 1980's. His love for gospel music and his love for his Lord has brought Jim to the point of wanting to serve the King with the voice that his God has given him.

Jim's goals include sharing the message of Jesus' love to the churched and unchurched, seeking the lost, and encouraging his fellow believers to stand tall and to keep the faith.